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Doggie Day Care

Don't let your dog lay around at home while you are at work! Bring your furry friend in for Doggie Day Care! Doggie day care will give your pet lots of exercise and keep him/her from being bored at home. Your pet will also make lots of new friends while involved in group play. This is also a great service for pets that may be carrying around a little too much weight. We have one day care attendee who has lost 14 pounds by coming to day care a few times a week!

While participating in day care, your pet will receive:

  • A minimum of three walks
  • A minimum of three group or individual play times
  • Treats throughout the day
  • Lots of love, attention, toys and friends!


Pricing Packages:

  • Single Day: $20.00
  • One Week (5 Days): $90.00
  • One Month (20 days): $300.00

Please visit our Facebook page for pictures from our day care sessions!