Cat Wellness Plans

Give your feline friend the best preventive care possible with our Pet Wellness Plan for Cats at East Orlando Animal Hospital. Sign your kitty up for our comprehensive Pet Wellness Plan and you'll rest easy, knowing we have his or her health covered.

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Wellness Plan

Only$5500Per Month

Save Over $200/Year

Cats, East Orlando Animal Hospital

East Orlando Animal Hospital

Cost Comparison

Cat Wellness Plan

For indoor and outdoor cats

Services With Plan
Annual Preventive Care Exam with Core Vaccines
Leuk/FIV Combo Test
Intestinal Parasite Profile
Preventive Care Bloodwork
6-Month Preventive Care Exam
6-Month Intestinal Parasite Profile
12 Month Supply of Flea & Tick Prevention
Total $624.00
SAVE $200.00

Get a Routine Spay/Neuter or Oral Package For an Extra $27/mo

This Wellness Plan add-on allows you to include essential spay/neuter surgery to prevent unwanted kittens as part of your annual payment plan, or your feline friend's annual oral health care. (Does not include in heat, pregnancy, cryptorchid and/or extractions).

Wellness Plan FAQs

Caring for Pets in Orlando

Caring for Pets in Orlando

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