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Ciara is an Animal Care Technician at East Orlando Animal Hospital.

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Ciara, Orlando Animal Care Technician


Ciara was born and raised in Florida and has always had a passion for working with animals. Her ultimate goal is to become a Veterinary Technician and eventually, a Veterinarian. In pursuit of these dreams, she has been actively involved in FFA and has gained extensive experience working with a variety of animals.

From caring for dogs, and exotics, to handling livestock, her experience has provided her with a solid foundation in animal care and handling. She is thrilled to continue her journey in the field of veterinary medicine and make a positive impact on the lives of animals!

At home, Ciara cares for a variety of animals including livestock such as cows and chickens, exotic pets like reptiles and amphibians, and owns a number of dogs and cats as well. It can sometimes be a handful to care for so many different animals, but she enjoys the unique challenges and rewards they bring to her life!

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Caring for Pets in Orlando

Caring for Pets in Orlando

East Orlando Animal Hospital is always happy to welcome new clients to our full-service animal hospital. We look forward to meeting you and your pet!

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