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Everson is an Animal Care Technician at East Orlando Animal Hospital.

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Everson, Orlando Animal Care Technician


Everson has been in the animal field for 10+ years and joined East Orlando Animal Hospital in March of 2022. Growing up on a farm in rural Ohio, Everson spent most of her time caring for animals and training horses. Thanks to Steve Irwin, she quickly showed interest in reptiles and at 7 years old she begged her parents for a lizard, a leopard gecko named Sandy, whom she still has today along with 5 other reptiles, 2 horses, her dog Barley and two cats Killua & Bubbiez.

She is currently pursuing her BA in Zoology at UCF, but prior to living here in Orlando Everson was a zookeeper in Sarasota and obtained her Associate in Science from the State College of Florida. Her former job as a zookeeper is where she found her true passion for working with endangered and exotic animals. Everson’s goal for the future is to work with bats, Komodo dragons, or hyenas in an AZA accredited zoo and travel to participate in international conservation efforts.

In her free time she enjoys drawing, making rugs, photography, and being outside. Her favorite part of working at EOAH is the day-to-day care of the dogs in kennel: cleaning, feeding, watering, and of course playtime!

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Caring for Pets in Orlando

Caring for Pets in Orlando

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