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Madison is a Veterinary Assistant at East Orlando Animal Hospital.

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Madison, Orlando Veterinary Assistant


Madison is currently a junior at the University of Central Florida and the UCF Pre-Vet Society President for the 2023-24 school year. Originally from Berea, OH, she found her love for the “unusual” scaly and slimy native species to Northeastern Ohio. She has owned amphibians since she was 5 years old and still currently has 6 of her first exotic pets, nearly 16 year old Fire Bellied Toads. Her love for herptiles goes beyond pets. She is the creator and owner of Hopp’in Help, an amphibian and reptile rescue and care website. There she creates top quality care guides from her personal experience and experts advice. All of her care guides are on species that she has personally owned or worked with to create the most personal, specific care for unique species.

She will be applying to vet school in Spring 2024. Her top choice is the University of Florida for their involvement in exotic medicine. After grad school she plans to specialize in amphibians and reptile medicine.

Outside of work she focuses on her studies, goes “herping” or looking for amphibians and reptiles, cuddles her Basset Hound Maple, gardens, and works on her Jeep.

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Caring for Pets in Orlando

Caring for Pets in Orlando

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